Send and Receive Money

We offer Ria Wire Transfer services. Using Ria Wire Transfer services, you can send money throughout the United States, to Mexico or around the world within few minutes. With agent locations around every corner, sending money anywhere is fast and easy.

Ria Money Transfer makes it quick and easy to send to more than 147 countries and territories. You can send money to your child at college, make an international money transfer to a family member overseas, or send a cash gift to a friend.

Each year, millions of people rely on Ria Money Transfer services.

Why Ria Money Transfer?
  • It's the fastest growing wire transfer in the world and has over 287,000 distributed locations worldwide. Ria allows you to send funds to individuals, businessess or directly to bank accounts.
  • Money is usually ready for pick-up at any Ria payout location around the world in 5-10 minutes.
  • Through it's bill pay service, you can also pay bills immediately.
  • Ria is competitive and secure way to send your funds.
How to Send Money:
  • Money in minutes - When you need money there in minutes
  • To a bank account - Send money directly to your receiver's bank account

Choose the service that's best for you. Our friendly, knowledgable clerks will help you send your money with ease.