• Pay bills in Santa Cruz

Bill Payment Services

Our convenient, dependable and secure walk-in bill payment service allows you to pay a multitude of bills. It's time efficient compared to time taken to write checks, postage and mailing your payments. Save the time it would take you to write a check, and postage for mailing.

You can send payments for your credit cards, car, mortgage, utilities and more. You'll receive proof of payment in minutes and know your bill is paid.

Your payment is sent via well-known and trusted partners in money services

We offer the following walk-in bill payment services to our customers:

1. CheckFreePay Bill Payment Service

You can pay hundreds of bills through CheckFreePay Bill Payment System. Billers include utility providers such as your gas, power and water companines, credit cards, phone companies and many more.

2. Ria Bill Payment Service

It’s easy to send payments for your mortgage, auto, credit card, insurance, utility, government bills and more with Ria.

  • Get proof of payment in minutes
  • Pay with cash

Remember: All we need is your bill statement information from your utility bill and cash/checks to make payments.